Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"On the Radio" -- The Importance of Economic Freedom and the Dangers from Government Control by Richard M. Ebeling

The current economic crisis has resulted in a radical and dangerous turn back in the direction of greater government control, regulation, and command. The drift away from individual liberty, private property, free enterprise, and limited government is intensifying.

The collectivist turn is impacting not only the United States but many other parts of the world. In the middle of November I was invited to deliver some talks in the Bahamas under the sponsorship of the Nassau Institute.

My themes were how government monetary and regulatory policies caused the artificial financial, housing, and the consumer debt bubbles that have now burst; why government policies in the U.S. and other countries are not only retarding real economic recovery but worsening the economic problems; and what would be appropriate market-based policies for sustainable growth and employment in the years ahead.

While in Nassau I appeared on one of the most popular and widely listened to radio talks shows in the Bahamas, the Jeff Lloyd Show. In a wide ranging interview, I discussed the nature of individual liberty, the role and importance of the market economy, the dangers from bigger government; the fallacies and illusions in government interventionist policies and "stimulus" spending; and why the only answer to our economic problems is allowing free men to interact in the open, competitive arena of free market capitalism.

The link to listen to the interview is:


And about half way through the show, I even sing a few bars. Hey, there have been "singing cowboys" like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Why not a "singing economist"?


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